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window crank removal help needed now

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how do you remove the window crank handle on a 65 mustang w/pony interior. do you need a special tool or can it be done without one. thanks randy.
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You should be able to remove the screw in the middle and it should pull right off.
I had a problem with mine. I hit it with some WD-40 and jiggled it back and forth while pulling until it started to come loose.
I can't recall if the pony crank is the same as a standard crank but if it is, you'll need a special tool. It's essentially a thin piece of metal with a handle, and the business end looks like a "C" misshapen that slips between the handle and door to release a pressure clip. Hopefully I'm making sense. Tool is available at most Mustang venders, if you need assistance ASAP, try an uhholestry shop and to borrow theirs. It takes 1 second to use.

It's been years since I've had a 65, (still have the tool), not sure if there's a modern trick now.
there should be a siilver cover over the screw. It is held on with glue. Pop that off, and unscrew!
There may be a little disk over the screw that you have to take off first. Be very careful taking it off. you will have to re glue it on.
Mid 65-year, Ford switched from the hidden c-clip held units to the units held in place with a screw. I just looked and a book to verify this. The 65 units' screws were not hidden. If you had a 65-screw handle, you would easily see the screw. If it is a totally plain exterior, you have the early c-clip model.
If you have the early 65 type handles I have some pictures that may be helpful.

This is the back of the handle. You can see the little clip that holds the crank to the regulator.

Here is the tool you need to remove the crank. You can get it at any auto store for under $5.

When tou slip the tool behind the handle it pushes the clip out a bit and the crank can be removed. Note that the tool aligns with window crank handle so you know where to insert the tool.

Once you get the handles and arm rest off of the door the other end of the tool can be used to dislodge the clips that hold the door panel on.
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thank you your pictures were just what i needed i understand perfectly now thanks again. randy
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