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window leaks

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Here in Thailand there is a lot of rain( just like Washington state) both my 65 and 68 stangs
leak at the beltline using new NPD seals did not help still have a 1/4" gap on the outside of
the glass , is there a cure for this (besides keeping in the garage). tia
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I'm not much help with an answer to your question but I'm interested to find out what the Mustang scene is like in Thailand. Many over there, clubs, parts etc. Its good to hear from other foreign 'stangers.

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia

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I'm not sure what you mean about the beltline? You can of course adjust your windows.....BTW, I'm interested in how you found stangs over there....Did you have them shipped over? Any clubs?

See my 69 convertible and the VMF parking lot at:
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