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Does anyone have advice, procedures, suggestions, tips or shortcuts on window regulator replacement? ::

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I have done a regulator change on both doors of my 67 coupe.

The only thing I can really advise you on is the steps I have taken and it seemed to work without a problem.

1: Take inner door panel off
2: open window until the the screws that connect the regulator scissor to the window channel line up with the openings in the door frame.
3: Clamp the glass so it does not move (or fall into the door when you take the mounting screws out).
4:Take the screws out that connect the reg. scissor to the glass channel through the openings you lined the glass up with.
5: take out the bolts that hold the reg. to the door frame.
6: take out the rear most regulator roller channel
7: take out the reg and scissor assembly through the large opening in the door frame.
8:disassemble the scissor assembly from the regulator.

9; Reverse all these steps to reassemble.

10:Make sure you grease the roller channels with white lithium grease before you put the door panel back on.

When I did mine the first door took about 2.5 hours. the secound door only took about 1 hour( I guess I learned the process from the first door)
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