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window "weatherstrip" i.d.?

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What is the strip that goes between the window, and the door? I "guess" it is to prevent the glass from rubbing the door when you roll them up & down? anyway mine has seen better days, and needs replacing.

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I think it is called the front door vent window division bar weatherstrip.

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they're referred to as many things.. like cat whiskers or window felt. you can buy a whole kit for your fastback which would be 4 pieces. check your parts catalogs and look for window felt or door weatherstrip.

the purpose of these is to keep the glass from rattling inside the door and to finish off the gap between the glass and doors.

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I've always called it "window felt" what Charles said..... I just wanted to share that I found two new pieces of this in the parts that came with my car. It's always nice to find this kinda stuff!

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Isn't it also called beltline weatherstrip or is that something else?

Besides the things already mentioned, it helps keeps water out of the door too.
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