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Windshield and rear window leaking.

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Ruh Roh! It rained a few days ao and the stang has not made it into the garage do to an overabundance of parts taking its place. I found out that the cowl cover was leaking, creating quite a puddle on my brand new floors! /forums/images/icons/frown.gif Thank god the new carpet wasn't in yet. Also water was dripping in at the rear window, and after fixing the cowl cover I still found some water on the floor yesterday, so I think the windshield leaks. So, how do I take the chrome mouldings off and re-seal the wndows? I know there is a special sealer to use but I forgot what its called. Thanks in advance!
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In regards to your young and stupid line. I got news for you. The same thing can be said when you are old and fat.
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There is a tool made to reach under the molding and release the clips that hold the molding on. Once the molding is off then cut the old seal out to remove the window. Do not force the window in any way or it will break. There is a special sealent used to reseal the window but I can't remember what it is called right now but I can find out later tonight if no one posts it.

To reinstall the windows you must run a small amount of sealer inside the seal before you place it on and around the window. Then place a string around the out side of the seal after you run a small amount of sealer around the outside of the seal like on the inside of the seal.

The string should come together at the bottom of the window. The string is used to help pull the seal lip over the lip that holds the window in place. Work your way around carefully. Once the window is in run a small amount of sealer around the seal and place your moldings back on the car.
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that stuff to seal it with is called bedding and glazing compound per reading old posts here. I am at the same point and prepared to install windshield but cannot find any of this stuff at the body supply store or 3 different auto parts stores. They want to sell me this stuff for newer car windshields that really is a glue and gets hard and will eventually leak (also per posts read on here). Where do I find this stuff? Would some clear caulk from wally world, like the 15yr good stuff work? It would stay pliable. Any help is appreciated.
I believe the material is butyl. See this for more info.
Now I know why I had such a hard time getting the ws and clips out, it was silicon that somebody had smeared(was also on the outside of ws and very messy). Thanks for the info Midlife and Johnnyboy. I am ordering the 3m stuff right now. What was the yellowed looking stuff that was under the gasket(between gasket and body) that I keep having to shave off with a utility knife? That stuff is very hard, almost like somekind of wood working putty that is very old and hard.
Thank you so much guys, you are a huge help! And yes my sig line is going to stay with me forever! Oh well, it makes things more interesting! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Use the 3M bedding and glazing compound only.

Remove the old glass by buying the windshield removing tool. Its only a few bucks. You use the sharp side ends to get under the molding clip to pull it from the molding that is installed. As you release the couple of dozen clips that are around the window the molding can come off. BE CAREFULL NOT TO BEND THE MOLDING.
You then cut off the top half of the rubber molding that is holding in the window. With a helper you push the glass out of the car from inside the car onto the hands of your helper. BE CAREFULL NOT FORCE THE GLASS IT WILL BREAK. AND IF ITS A FASTBACK THE REAR GLASS IS NOT REPRODUCED.
When you have the glass out you clean the metal lip that the glass sits on. Use new clips and I recommend stainless steel screws.
To install the new weatherstrip. Place it on the glass. Place the glass on the opening. You can either pull the rubber weatherstrip through the opening with your fingers or use a cord that is wrapped around the rubber molding and you pull that through the opening and it will pull the rubber strip through.
Now that the window and weatherstrip is installed you cut the tip of the Bedding and Glazing compund tube with a small hole about 1/8th of an inch. I then force the tip under the rubber weatherstrip from the outside of the car at a 45 degree angle to the weatherstrip, not 45 degrees to the glass, the tube should be next to the glass. As you apply the compound you can see it going around the glass and into the inside of the car. You apply just enough so that a small amount comes around the glasss and into the car.
At a 45 degee angle you will push the tip along the glass to apply the compund. This is so the tip does not fold. The force required to move the tip pushes the tip to the bottom of the rubber weatherstrip which helps with the glazing.
You now have the compund between the glass and the rubber. You now add compound between the rubber and the metal frame. apply a liberal amount on the outside of the car. It fills up the void under the molding.
Once you have finished the compund install the molding. the moulding should only require moderate force with your palm. Maybe a 12 inch piece of soft wood and a rubber mallet, to install.
Any excess bedding and Glazing compund can be cleaned up with 3M weatherstrip adhesive remover.
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