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I was looking on WindsorFox's webpage and they sell a HEGO (oxygen sensors) relay, said it is needed for converting 85 and newer fords over to EFI, for the ignition. Does anybody know why this is, or is this just more junk somebody is trying to convince me I need for the conversion. Also, they sell two HEGO sensor wiring harnesses, one for manual, and the other for automatic. Whats the difference? Nobody seems to think there is, but Ford originally did make two HEGO harnesses, one for manual and the other for automatic.

If the HEGO relay is needed, I am wondering if I need it. The reason why is because I have replaced all the original wiring under the dash, to American Autowire, with an 18fuse panel. My steering column is from an 85 cadillac seville, along with the ignition. All the power wires feeding the stock 93 mustang wiring harness are from this fuse panel, and the cadillac ignition. I will probably have to call WindsorFox for this question, but if you know what the relay is for, then please let us all know.
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