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So, I am in the process of starting to wire my car with an EZ Wire kit. (Which is a very nice kit, and tech support is very helpfull). Tonight I got my new ignition switch installed with new key, headlights switch, wiper switch. Decided to go ahead and install the wiper motor and arms also, before I start mounting all the wiring. I had a helper help get everything under the dash and push the posts through the Cowl.... Go ahead and tighten them down, hop out only to realize I didn't get the alignment key all the way through the hole, so when I snugged it down, it bent the crap out of the top of the cowl. Now... it isn't that bad. I was able to hammer it back down, and the chrome pivot cover hides 99% of it, but I can see it, and from now on will always see the slight "wiggle" in the metal right above the drivers wiper arm.

Its just frustrating, had to vent.

On the bright side, tomorrow I should be able to sleeve the wiring and start connecting everything...

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