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Wiper arm pivot post

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What is the trick to getting the wiper arm fully back onto the pivot post? I thought that it would be simply pressing down but that is only getting the arm partway on and it's required a lot of effort to get it even partially on. I assume you should not be able to see the splined part once the arm is installed -- is that correct?

Yes, I know the paint needs to be removed from the pivot but I was having the same issue pre-paint so I am clearly not doing something correctly.

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If you look closely you can see that you don’t have the arm aligned with the post. Pull UP on the far end of the wiper, while pressing down on the wiper end over the post. When it is aligned and the splines line up it will go on. It it is tilted at all, it won’t go on.
This tool is cheap and helps to keep it straight as Flade described. Also...yes the paint.

This link illustrates how the tool is used to grasp the wiper arm.
This tool is cheap and helps to keep it straight as Flade described. Also...yes the paint.
That’s used to remove the wiper. Never seen it used to install one.
Clean the paint. Check the inside of the arm for damage to the splines or "crud".
Thanks for the feedback. I just bought the suggested tool at NPD today, but have not yet tried to use it.

Can anyone please provide a photo from the side (i.e., similar to my photo) that shows whether any of the spline can be seen once the arm is fully installed on the post?
If I knew when it was fully seated, I wouldn't have posted in the first place.

Does anyone have a photo of a fully seated wiper arm? I would appreciate it.
You will know when it's fully seated.
You likely will not see any splines once it is properly installed
Sorry man. I took pictures of my 67 vert with some improvised water seals, the burnt up red is my 66 Ranchero,the Dark blue is my 69 Fairlane & the black looking one is my 2012 Sport Trac. None of mine have any of the spline showing after the wiper arms are seated.

You should be able to start the wiper on the post then lift the end of the wiper arm up while pressing down on the part going on the shaft. You might have to clean any paint on the shaft splines off before it goes on.
It should slide right on ,if not it's not started on correct & or a drop of oil might help.0
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Wow, okay, clearly I have more work to do on getting these on. Thanks for the pics - much appreciated.
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