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Hi. I want to provide more details regarding wiring my alternator. My 69 has an amp meter, 390 motor, and 55 amp FoMoCo alternator. I'm stumped on what wires go where from the voltage regulator. Thanks Bill

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I fooled with mine so much last spring that I had the connections memorized. However, I have lost soem of that recollection. What exactly are you trying to find out? The connections, terminal to terminal, of the regulator and alternator?

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The next is a partial response from Mulletwagon to my alternator questions on the old VMF, they may be of use to you:

1. On the alternator -
The wire from "FLD" should go the the "F" terminal of the VR. The "BAT" wire from the alternator should go to the the heavy positive post on the starter solenoid. The "GND" wire should go to one of the sheetmetal mounting screws on the VR. The "STA" should not be used (again, assuming there is an in-dash ammeter).

2. On the VR -
The "I" terminal should not be used. A wire that is hot (12VDC) when the ignition key is on should go to the "S" terminal. A wire that is hot (12 VDC) all the time (key on and key off) should go to the "A" termial.
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