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Wiring clips photo, anyone

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I was installing my new wiring looms this weekend and want to make sure they are right. Does anyone have a good pic which shows the paths the wiring runs and more importantly where all those little plastic clips go? I have most of them figured out, but am perplexed by the last few, especially along the firewall. Too much beer and too big a hurry while disassembling, I'm sure. I have a 66 coupe 289 by the way.
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You need to look at the Osborne Wiring Diagram book. It has drawings that shows exactly how everything routes, even under dash. I don't have a scanner, but if you have a fax I might be able to get away with faxing a copy from work. They're really cheap if you've got a Mustang shop nearby. And they more than pay for them selves by giving you scematics AND routing drawings. They helped me a few times already.
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