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Wiring harnesses

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It looks like I will be in need of a total wiring harness for my 67 GT Fastback. I called Painless Wiring today and they hoped to have one for a 67 fb out in August, for around $300 to $350. This is a fairly good price isn't it? Is there any place else to get these? Aside from about 2 months of fixing the old wiring, I would sleep a little better knowing I didn't have 35 year old wires bumping around in my car. Thanks
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Considering what I've seen for the repro's out now, yes it's a good price. Cal Mustang has under dash for $560 on up. Ouch. I personally have had real good luck with finding unmolested originals for cheap. I checked them out with a meter and they read real good. Not brittle or anything. You might want to try that route. The last good under dash 67 I got came out of an $800 parts car that paid for itself +. All the rest are available repro for 20 - 120 depending on which part of the harness you need.
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