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Hello everyone...
Ive been working on my dash wiring for my 1970 Mustang and there are a fdew things I cant figure out... I recently got a new radio and a pretty new tach, and also am having problems with (the 3 bottom knobs: Headlights, Wiper Washers, and one more)

First the radio... its a brand new Pioneer that Im going to have to hard wire, and the one thing that I need that I cant find is the Power On/Off wire (coming from the Ignition Switch, I was wondering if anyone knew which wire this is that I should connect it to, (so that when the car turns on the radio does too..)

Then the tach.. I just have no clue what to do, it has wires and everything but Im just not sure what to hook it up to I think Ill try to post some pics later...

And lastly the dash... where the 3 knobs on the bottom.. (wiper washer, headlights and one more I forget) dont work... could it be a piece that goes to those three from the harness is not working.. or a fuse??? im really not sure..

ANY Help at all will be greatly appreciated... even though most of this probably doesnt make any sense.. haha Thanks Very Muchh!!!!!

-Sean K.
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