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Won't start diagnosis please...non Mustang..sorry.

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Wifes 83 Mercedes sometimes after it's been driven will not restart until after it sits for a while will mysteriously re-start with no prob. Fresh battery, all systems test fine- alternator, starter etc;

When you turn the key it just sort of buzzes a bit like it would with a low batttery. I've not been able to get any kind of decent diagnosis without taking it to Mercedes (Read:$$$$). I'm told it might be a starter solenoid-it sits on the starter in the Mercedes.

Sorry for the O/T post. Need some help-wife got stranded yesterday.

J. Boggs
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Hey Boggs:
My partner had a MB that had a similar problem, he would be driving down the highway, it would shut off, he would have to wait some time and then he could start it and drive away! He took his Benz to three (3) different MB mechanics (one dealership) (lot's of $$$$) and NO one could figure it out..... so he lived with it until it got too bad! Finally he traded for a newer Benz, However about 2-3 months after he traded, he got a call from the new owner and he inquired whether it just would quit? And now you know the rest of the story.... They never were able to find out why!!!!
70 76B Convert 351 C4v w/a shaker!!!!!!!

The starter is failing because of heat,too much load. That is why after it sits and cools down it will restart.Two cures,1 replace the starter or 2 just add a Ford starter solinoid to the circuit. I use the second method on these wonderful German starters

As stated before, the starter is heat soaking. A replacement may/should fix, or get you you some of
the wrap insulation, or better yet build a little heat shield for it. 2 pieces of sheet metal seperated by 1/4
inch gap with clips to starter. hard to describe but if interested pm me and i'll get you a pic of what i make
for the tr's.
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