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This afternoon I'm driving to Detroit to attend my first Dream Cruise. I've heard a lot about it but not sure what to expect. I had heard something about a Pony Corral for Mustangs only. I'd like to know where that is and what time it opens. Any other Mustang area I should look for??

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I have heard they turned the city of Ferndale into 'Mustang Alley' - your mustang is the ticket in. Hereis the Post:

The City of ferndale is happy to announce that Mustang Alley will again be open Friday
8/16 and Saturday 8/17. Building on what has become one of the premiere Woodward
Dream Cruise events, the City of ferndale is again raising the bar.

Friday, August 16th

This years event will run from 2:00-9:00pm at which time the streets on downtown
ferndale will be turned into Mustang Alley where Mustangs of all years and models will
be on display. Additionally the Magnificent 7 Mustang Tuners/Manufacturers (Classic
Design Concepts, Kenny Brown, Paul's High Performance, Roush, Saleen, Sean Hyland
Motorsports, and Steeda) are planning on attending to show off their latest creations.
Additionally many local Mustang shops and racers will be in attendance showing off their
race and project cars.

Registration this year has been simplified to allow easier access to the event for all
participants. When approaching ferndale from the south on Woodward simply look for
the Flaming Pony banners on the east side of Woodward. Your ticket to enter will simply
be the Mustang you are driving and you will be ushered right in. If you are coming to see
the ponies on display there will be parking off West Troy Ave located on the west side of
Woodward one block south of 9 mile.

Saturday, August 17th

Saturday's event will start at 7:00 AM with 9 Nine Mile west of Woodward being turned
into a huge car show. If you just need a place to park your steed a lot will be available
off West Troy Ave located one street south of 9 mile. Additionally the Magnificent 7 and
local shops and racers will be on display on West Troy Ave throughout the day.


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YOU WILL LOVE IT!! I flew in from California last year to go to it. So much fun. You will see just about one of everything. Keep a look out for a chopped school bus, a restored green and white garbage truck and a ton of great stangs of every flavor.
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