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WOOHOO!! It started!

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YEAHHHH BABY!! (Best Austin Powers Voice)

This is the first time I have EVER put an engine back together and had it fire up on the first crank. I just bumped it and it fired right up...idled a bit fast, then settled down to a nice rumble. :)

That new electric fan I got from PermaCool is AWESOME!!!! It moves some SERIOUS air. Combine that with my Girffin Aluminum radiator and I should be cool reguardless of the outside temp.

Now to just get the interior back together. AHHHHHHHHH....

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Great work. It's great to fire that new engine up for the first time, especially with no leaks or problems! CONTINUE THE GREAT WORK!

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Nice feeling isn't it. Makes all the hours of hard work worth it. Have fun with the interior.

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Nothing feels better. Well except maybe a 18 yr old blond asking for a ride.
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Ain't it great when things work out excellent!!!

I can image what you must have felt upon tickover...

Keep it going...... Now you're really a "cool" guy *LOL*


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How did you adjust the valves? Did you do the finger spin on the pushrod, or did you adjust them after the engine started? Just curious, cause my day's coming...someday.

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I torqued them to spec. :)

(I have non-adjustable ones...heh)

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Congrats!!! It's great when a plan comes together. My first time doing that, I put the distributor in backwards...
Oh well, I was only 15 at the time!

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me!!!
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