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Worst Nightmare, I hit a blazer with the Stang....

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I'm guilty of the WORST crime I can think of when it comes to fender benders. A pretty bad wreck had happened in the westbound lane, I was headed east. Traffic stopped, then started again. I got on the gas and glanced over at a seriously messed up Civic. Apparently the guy in front of me did the same. He hit the girl in front of him, and I hit his blazer at about 10 MPH. Gosh darn rubber-necker, that's me.
Well, I'm fine of course (except for an amazing sense of shame)
The car? Over $2K worth of parts alone need replacing. OUCH. Insurance will have to help I guess. It really sucks, since I have all of the safe driver discounts, etc., have NEVER hit anyone or anything, never gotten a ticket, etc.

The worst was all the people stopping to "help" and I even had one idiot try and buy the car while the flatbed was loading it up to get it back to my garage. I fought the urge to verbally abuse him.
How bad you ask?
I need (NOS) Hood, grill and all trim, horse and corral, right side fender extension, stone guard, front valance, 4-row radiator, 5-blade fan, bumper, bumper guards and supports, radiator support, Hood latch and support, trim, paint to match, and a swift kick in the ass.

Be careful out there, some of you can't imagine how much this hurts, both pride and financially.
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Catching up on a weeks worth of newspapers here at home, a fellow took his girlfriend to dinner at a fancy eatery. Unbenownst to him, she parked right behind him and of course, he backed over her car! That was an expensive dinner! Thing that surprized me was the incident was in the front page of the newspaper!!!

Sorry about your experience. You will be good as new soon. I about plowed the suburban into the car in front of me during gridlock from the Omaha, NE rush hour. I was rubbernecking, then got to test the anti-lock brakes!
Ouch!! REALLY sorry to hear that. I drive mine as a daily driver and that thought is always lurking in the back of my mind, especially during rush hour!! Just can't stand the thought of it sitting at home though. I want to enjoy it, not admire it. Hope the reconstruction goes well and you come out with an even better car.
EeeeYooowww!!! Sorry for your misfortune. You must be the one guy in America that owns up to it when he makes a mistake. The last time I got rearended on the 4-lane the 17 year old girl that hit me claimed I swerved in front of her and then immediately slammed on my brakes, just to make her run in to me. Fortunately it wasn't my mustang. Better yet it wasn't even my car! (It was one of employer's fleet cars).

Anyway, the car can be fixed and at least you're all right physically if not emotionally. Good luck getting your insurance company to spring for NOS. Post some pictures if you get a chance so we can comiserate with you.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Several years ago in the news program I was watching there was a mention of an accident on 75 south of here (Dayton, OH). A commercial later, the film clip they showed was of a 69 Mach behind (veeerrryyy closely behind) a semi. Didn't look like a life threatening crash (construction zone rubbernecking thing) but since I was (and am still) restoring a 69 Mach, I cringed.
Gotta figure that if it was a new car you were driving it would be even more expensive. What was the line from the six million dollar man? "We can rebuild him"?
I too am guitly of that very same act. /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif Although it was many years ago it is still vivid in my memory. One Sunday afternoon I was going to take my Mustang out for a drive, come up to an intersection, the light changed from red to green so I start going. Something catches my eye to the left (probably a cute little *** or a nice set of **** ) /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif (hey I was all of 19 at the time with those raging hormones) /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif any way I turn my attention to road in front of me and traffic has stopped. /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif Somehow the hood escaped any damage, but the rest of the front end was history. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif But this was 1978 and parts were easy to come by then. /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif The body shop did an excellent job with the repair, however as good as the paint was matched I could always tell the difference. /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif So with this long and rambling story the point to all of this is that unless paint matching has improved to an exact match you may want to consider an entire paint job. fd
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Yeah, I decided this morning I'm going for the gusto. I had a few other spots that needed attention. I'm going to do it all at once and get the whole thing painted. Hopefully I can talk Cruzer into doing the work. He is really talented, and has lots of practice ;-).
Body work and paint is an art, which I am not blessed with.
Thanks to all concerned, and as posted above, WE CAN REBUILD HIM.
Man, I'm sorry about the news! I don't know who your insurance is with but after my accident (listed here last December) I filed the claim with my insurance and I still get a good driver's credit. Of course the insurance had to total my car to get me a decent settlement. Hang in there and start shopping for those parts!
I have to share this one - a few weeks ago, I was driving by a mall/plaza area and noticed a bunch of scantily clad women along the road up in front of me - it turned out to be highschool cheerleaders having a car wash - there must have been 50 of them. I managed to keep one eye on the road to see traffic stoping in front of me, and stopped. I heard a crunch from behind me - the truck behind me was rear ended by a civic. Both vehicles had high school age kids in them and they clearly knew each other. As they pulled past me on the right to pull off the road, I could see the guy's face driving the civic - it was priceless. I felt really bad for him, knowing the teasing he'd get for the next 30 years from his friends and family...there was no question what he was looking at and why he didn't see traffic stop. I can't blame him.

Sorry to hear about your stang. I too crunched mine a little - totally my fault. But I fixed it - the pride takes a little longer to mend.
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