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Worth going to 2x4v or 3x2v on a K-code?

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Hi all,

Looking through my handy dandy Hipo Supplement manual I see that Ford offered as a dealer installed option of 2x4v or 3x2v carburator setup. I went out to and saw that they have these things for sale.

I was reading somewhere that the 2x4v might add something like 25 HP and preserve the "secondary kick" while the 3x2v might add 15-20 HP with a more linear powercurve.

I want to keep my K-code stock or at least in a condition that is correct for the era, so I really don't want to use Edelbroch, etc, carbs or intakes if I can avoid it. Would much prefer to use FoMoCo stuff of that vintange. Does anyone have any experience with this? Advantages and disadvantes comments? Are the above arrangements a "bolt-on" affair or would one need to replace cams, heads, etc.

On a side note, I see Cobra Hi-Rise intakes advertised all the time, what's the story with those. I assume a cooler intake can be achieved and thus one more dense and therefore more potential power. Is this correct? Do the hi-rise intakes require hood scoops for clearance issues?

O.k. maybe I'm asking too much......Anyways, I think you can see where I'm heading with this....any advice?

BTW, I asked this same question over at the HiPo web page but, there's not enough resistered users there yet so it's pretty quiet still.

Best Regards,

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You might try getting hold of "nitmare." He has a 3x2 setup on his car.
Worth going to 2x4v or 3x2v on a K-code?

Short answer, IMO, is no...

I see Cobra Hi-Rise intakes advertised all the time, what's the story with those.

Mainly smoother airflow and a straighter shot from carb to head....a few pounds less weight to lug down the track as well. Aluminum transmits heat (and cold) more quickly than cast iron so this can be a blessing and a curse...a little more cold blooded on cold days and heat transmitted more quickly to carb on hot ones, hence the desire for an insulative spacer.
I have an original one on my D-coder with a 1/2" phenolic spacer, 4100 Autolite and stock air cleaner....everything clears the hood by no less than 1/2" (I'm still using early mounts)

I think you'd be quite happy with a Cobra 4V intake and the stock 4100 on your K-coder...
I never met a 289 that could live with multiple carbs.,.unless it was seriously modified and was running real steep rear end gearing...multiple carbs will cause it to fall flat on it's face..stay with a single and your Stang will be happier
I used to run dual quads on a solid lifter 289, wasn't a K code but sure ran good /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Anyways, it looks killer but my single Holley and Vic Jr. manifold out run it, not to mention its a lot easier to dial in.

I still think about putting the duals back on when I go to car shows. It turns a lot more heads...
If you need be different and not have 1*4barrel, why not 4*2V instead of 2*4V. The looks points are highest with that set up. 4 downdraught 2V Webers sound bad. We use 2*2V sidedraught Webers on 2.0L Pinto rally engines, the induction note is excellent and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
But if you want to be streetable, forget them, multiple carbs are more trouble than a barrel of junkies.
I have an original Tri-power on my 289. Combined they are only about 630 to 650 CFM,s. I get 15 to 20 MPG on one carb. I get 15 to 20 GPM on all carbs. (but Fun). You said you wanted to keep your K-code stock. Anyone who knows will see a fake tri-power. Ponycarbs sells repos, they are not original. So you can get the same performance or better with Edelbrock intake and a 4-bbl and this is much more economical and easier to repair. You can also send me $100.00 and I will send you an original 4-bbl intake. An original Tri-Power about $2500 to $3000 after you restore it back to original.
Hi all,

Thanks for all the feed-back. I'm diffently getting into an area where I really have no knowledge or experience. The Cobra Hi-rise is sounding better now. BTW, what's the difference between a "Ford Hi Rise Motorsports" and a "Cobra Hi Rise" intake. Well, I know $100 is one difference, but I was thinking something a little more technical <grin>.

Best Regards,

The vintage Edelbrock F4B intake is basically the same as the Cobra. They are on ehay all the time $100-$125. A very good street intake. With this intake (and a couple other goodies) my car is putting 213 hp and 284 trq to the rear wheels.
If you are interested in staying "in the era," try Holman Moody. They have some original casting small block single, dual carb intakes and 3x2 intakes as well.
what's the difference between a "Ford Hi Rise Motorsports" and a "Cobra Hi Rise" intake.

Practically speaking, for most applications, very little....

Also, the advice you received about the F4B and Holman and Moody is sound....a combination of a Holman/Moody camshaft and Edelbrock F4B (later angled carb Torker), along with a 3310 Holley, were what propelled the race car into the low 11's back in the early 80's. The combo is one which I'm kicking myself for having sold. *G*

As was mentioned, most purists will recognize repops or alterations, so just go with what you can afford and what you think will work best with your existing combo. My opinion, stated previously, remains unchanged...I wouldn't trade my old Cobra manifold for anything....well, maybe a clean '65 fastback...*G*

Have fun!
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HotRod mag did an article a few months back on multple carbs, compared to single 4V. Single 4V won just about every time. Over the years I have seen multi carbs work well and certainly race history backs up the advantages in 67 (I think) and up TA racing (dual 4V). On the street I had an ole buddy with a 289 tri power in a 68 GT500 and I can tell you it would scream (Rick out there???)

The visual impact is where the multi carbs got the garden variety 4V beat in spades. Ya got the coin I say go for it.

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