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WOuld you give $2000 for this?

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Its a 64.5 vert. I found it on autotrader
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Sure I'll take that off your hands for 2K..........I accept cash or money order, even "Pay Pal"

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Nope! well maybe I should clarify...... Just how many $1000 of dollars do you wanna put into it? I see about 10,000 just to make it a "decent" daily driver.... Every thing I've done on mine ends up costing close to double what I think it will....all those little suprises keep popping up..... I think theres better deals out there even if you spend a little more up front... but that's my opinon....

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Was that 2000 in American dollars or Mexican Pesos? *LOL*

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Can you say "money pit"?
That's kind of a fuzzy engine photo but I see a GM air cleaner and can't seem to find a distributor. Oh look, the coil wire is running to the back of the engine. What this means is that either the engine shot is from another car for sale and was put here by mistake (that's what it looks like; look at the firewall) or this Mustang has a GM engine in it. The latter is bad news!
NO I would give maybe $50 for it, then part out what's left, clean the parts off and then sell them on Ebay. So I figure I could make about $100 total. :)

Damn you're good. Plus where are the shock braces? The hulk has them in the other shots but the engine shot has none.

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I might pay $100 provided they throw in the boat... was looking for a restoration of fantasy. I do not want my car to be as it was in 1967. I want it to be as I imagined it in 1967. -John Baird
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I dont think there is $20.00 worth of usable parts there
Now if you have a cool 35k to spend on a total build up go for it

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I didn't see any salvageable parts worth $2K and the poor quality pictures provide sufficient information to make a decision. Run, don't walk, away from this basket case and save your hard earned dollars!

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I've been searching for a 65/66 convertible project for ages. If that one were relatively rust free and a little more complete, body and structure wise, I would probably give $2000 for it! Even with a toasted engine, shredded interior etc. However, the pics and description indicate lots of rust, so I'd stay away.

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no way.... they are dreaming to ask 2k for that....

if it sells for that, then mine is worth 50k...

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64 1/2 shouldn't have firewall to inner fenders support rods. They also shouldn't have the rocker chrome trim. That engine picture is not even the same car. Probably doesn't have an engine. Run away, fast.

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Check the properties on that engine pic. It says the url is going to a 64 pontiac 389 engine. You were right.

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If you click on the picture of the engine and save it it is labeled "64pontiac". it is the wrong picture for that lissting.

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Are they kidding? $2K for what?

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hehe, whats better is if you look under parts he has a 289 for sale ... damn this guy should be added to the "stay the hell away" list of dealers for sure!

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That person has got to be crazy! I think someone would be better off getting a cardboard box, sticking a steering wheel in the side, put the box on top of a wagon, and have somebody push them around. Stay away from that guy, he's trying to get way too much money for it, especially since he can't even show the correct engine. Just my opinion.

Now that's a beauty!!! hehehe

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