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WOW - $150 valve stem cap!!!

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On our favorite auction site, Item # 1835586123 !

I'm sure it's worth it to the buyer, but that is just an INSANE level of detail, to which I don't aspire!!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
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The ironic part is there werre a lot of bids to get it...
you stangnet whore /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
LMAO - you're just mad because I got it posted before you did!!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Look at the sellers other auctions too. He sells alot of Boss 9 stuff. Three bolts for the power steering went for 150... Building a thoroughbred car is expensive!
That is simply amazing. Why counterfiet money, when these would be a lot eaiser.
Well Clone, I always have a hard time with this subject. On the one hand I can see why someone would strive to get as correct as possible and if they have the means whats differnence between a 600 dollar set of valve stems or a 600 dollar bottle of wine, I don't think I will have oppertinity to know (Damm it)

Sometimes I marvel at the prices, I think I could piece out my Boss and get 50-60k part by part, but dam than another car would be lost for good, I prefer to enjoy togehter and hell even drive the car, IMHO as it should be.

Than the other part of me says what idiot woud spend 150 for stem or 500 for battery cable just to finish a car to sit and look at in glass bubble. But man when you see a car done correctly it is truly a thing of Beauty.

I guess my point here is I don't have one, some can make argument against either way, which is correct, which is not, this is and will remain the age old question. Don't think in either our lifetimes it will be answered, But hell it makes good debating mateiral, just wish I could figure what side I'm on.

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That's the Parts Rack guy!!!
I agree Mark - one side of me says "That's Insane!", while the other said says "Kudo's to the guys who have the time, patience, and resources to do such a thing".

It's a pretty fine line............
He started the auction at $2 with no reserve price. You really can't blame the seller here for anything.

I wonder what the buyer will tell his family/friends when he shows them what $150 bought.
I was just pondering this thought today. Anyone with enough money can do just about anything. Most of of us (I assume) take much pride in our cars and accomplishments, getting our cars just about "perfect", go to a car show, and get out done by the guy with more money. They will spend 150.00 on a valve cap, and not drive the car. I think it is a shame. I drive mine everywhere and am proud of it. To me, a little road worn, perfect car is much more appealing.
Wish I had a nickel for every one I threw away! These people are crazy! I think these people drive up the prices by having a bunch of associates bid. I can never sell stuff for prices like that & my stuff is for real!
Something smells fishy here.... The same guy bid against his own bid not once, but twice. Then another guy did the same thing. Hmm....

... and the jumps in price are a bit rediculous as well. The first two bids might be legit, but the rest seem odd.

Why would someone come in with the bid at 91.24 and bid it up to 151.00?

Very funny business going on here...
Sorry, but there is no fine line here !! $150 for a cap for the spare is beyond insanity. /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif something that only the judges will see or maybe notice.

Kent, I think the two bids in a row by same person is someone else driving up the bidding and backing down before hitting the maximum price by the original bidder.
The jumps make more sense in light of proxy bidding.

Two bids in a row by the same person indicates that they set their proxy bid, and then decided to up their own proxy bid before someone else actually discovered what the first price was. I've done the same thing myself.
Seems like a silly way to do business... particularly given the lack of urgency evidenced on this auction.

More reasons why I would never buy on e-bray.
Seems like a silly way to do business... particularly given the lack of urgency evidenced on this auction.

That's why ebhay is the beast it is, insane prices and all.

People get caught up ("Cold Sweats" come to mind) in the competition. The adrenaline gets pumping, they get a big rush, they bid too much, and then they're addicted to the adrenaline rush, so they bid on another auction, and another. It's classic.

I've bid on a few things, and experienced the rush, but I'm smart enough to recognize (and correct) my own addictive behavior when I see it. If I ever go back to ebhay, it will be as a seller, not a buyer.
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