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WOW!!! Just got my book..

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From Bob Mannel. This book is loaded! And here I was hesitant on the $25.00 price tag. I've purchased a lot of books for $25.00 and thought they were well worth it. But after thumbing through this book, I feel I've been taken by all those other books price tags.

I've been after more info on A/C components and brackets, and man I can't believe everything that is in this book. And what a great bonus on all of the great photos to do quick comparisons too also.

I'm thinking this would be a great gift come the holidays for some close friends.

Doug Whisenant

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Thanks Doug....great review...

Much about engine building...the mechanics of there?

I'd like to recommend it to the guys building their first engines if it's helpful in that area...

Couldn't agree more! I got mine yesterday, and it saved me from having to ask a hundred different questions here. Aren't you all lucky!

Shannon a.k.a. The ShanMan! /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
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Hey Pat,

Not really an engine building book. It looks to be more of a hands on restoration of the engine and Accessory type book. Instead of telling on how to build the motor, it's telling you how the motor & Accessories came from the factory.

It's a fantastic book for someone who is doing their first restoration project, or even the concours guys who wants their motors to be correct right down to what type of washer was used.

I've got a 64 long block I picked up years a go, and this was the main reason I bought the book. Most of the "other" books I've gone through didn't have much details on some of the differences I encountered on it.

This book is loaded with casting numbers, head differences, carbs, oil filters, way to much to list. Man I'm impressed!!

This book would be great to take to the swap meet, you would have no problem telling exactly what your holding in your hand. Too bad it doesn't come in a quick referrence guide to carry in your pocket.

Doug Whisenant

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Pat.... Shame on you if you haven't bought your book yet! I know that head of yours is bursting at the seems with endless knowledge, but I think even you might learn a thing or two with this book. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

BTW, Bob autographed my copy

Doug Whisenant

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Is the URL posted somewhere in the forum here? Could someone post it into this thread?

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Yeah, I should be ashamed...hehehe

I had guessed from the bulk buy hubub that it was a resto guide and, since I'm not really into that scene, figured I'd save my money...

There's plenty of MCA gurus here to answer the restoration questions people may have....I'm choosing to specialize in my area of experience since I want to start devoting more time to my own equipment and family...I've been averaging 350 posts a month since I joined and it's time for me to re-focus a bit...

We'll see how it gripes from Renee but I don't want to burn out....this change-over has been exhilerating but very tiring at the same time...

BTW...Are any of the CenCal guys going down to Knott's...? We'll be leaving Saturday afternoon around 2 from Renee's salon in Visalia since she already had clients booked for that date...hope to see some of you guys down there even if I'm just a tire-kicking bench racer...*G*

Oh, I'm ready to begin on the equalizer linkage project....pick a day when I can get together with you and look at some linkages and hear the complaints...I'd also like to buy a good stock bar or quality repro do use as a pattern....

Thanks for the interest and happy reading!!

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I've been meaning to get that book and still haven't decide if I should get two. My repro '65 Ford Mustang/Falcon/Fairlaine shop manual is 20 years old is getting pretty worn. In twenty years I think Bob's book will be worth gold if you can find it.

I think I just answered my own question...


Dean T

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If all goes well, We will be headed down early that Saturday morning, but just had some set backs(Again) with work, so everything is up in the air right now. I should be able to get things squared around before then.

As far as the linkage thing, I'll contact my buddy and see what his schedule is like and get back with you. I think he might be able to help out the most with this project of yours.

Doug Whisenant

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Hey Dean,

FYI, this book is nothing like a shop manual or a "how to" but more of a "What is" or "Where did it come from" book. Although I just came across the in depth look at the Carb settings and adjustments chart and diagrams and I may have to eat my words. It does have a good section on technical service bulletins also.

If you want to restore your motor right down to the way it came from the factory, this book is it. I've got an original 66 Shop Manual and I believe this book has more part numbers, casting numbers, diagrams, charts, tags, labels and many more detailed photos than I ever saw in the shop manual.

It's not just specifics on the inside and outside of the motors, but has information on accessories such as power steering, A/C components, exhaust, etc.

*LOL* Out of curiosity I just weighed the book on the scale and it topped out at just over [color:red]5 lbs.</font color=red>

Doug Whisenant

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I still might get two because twenty years from now I'd probably have a hard time remembering where I left the book last. LOL

Anyway, it sounds like it will definitely help identify a mystery 289 I have in a shed.


Dean T

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
I hear ya! I've got this 1964 289 block that for the longest time I thought was a 260(I'm still not completely satisfied it's a 289) For one, the timing chain is different than the original "early" 289 that was in my 65 mustang. Just a lot of little oddities i've found. *LOL* at one point someone with credibility told me it might be a Hipo Motor. I doubt it, but wouldn't that be a sweet find, especially since I only paid $50 bucks for it minus carburetor only back in the early 90's.

Doug Whisenant

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I agree and I was thinking of buying a second copy just to keep nice. I kinda think once Bob sells out he won't reprint. It sounds like he is unloading his copies to get out his investment as best he can. That is a shame because it is a great book

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