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Wow!! What a Cornfeed/Midwest Tour!!! CF Related.

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Hi, finally made it back home after logging 2500 miles through five states. I love Iowa, what a beautiful state. A real slice of Americana. Now I'm back in burnt up Wyoming. Its hot and dry here. At least it was hot and green there!

Randy tried checking my shorts shortly after snapping this shot of him and the guys at the CF. What a blast!!! For those of you that wanted to go but could'nt make it....go next year...well worth the fun!/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

We rolled into DM Friday night and I caught the VMF'rs napping at the Hardees cruze-in. After introducing and being intro'd to everyone, we took off for the chinese restaurant. After helping to push some senior citizens' model A up the hill after it quit, we enjoyed quite an entree'. Then off to the bar to get to know each other. I rode with GT-350Clone while Randy took the Suburban. Cloney could'nt resist a big squeally burnout behind the grocery store on the way to the Italian bar.

Midlife related the story about the cop in the parking lot at the bar after he, (we) had a few suds under our belts. Forum Bob was bartender, hehe. And almost a victom of the tow truck blues. We all would have needed to make a rather large VMF contribution to get Poopy Red out of jail after Midlife's nearly succesfull shenannigan! LOL /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Then we cruzed to Allen's (1966conv) room at the Hampton for a REAL "chat room" session. Randy hit the hay early, so we didn't have the burden, I mean benefit of his company. Forum Bob, GT-350Clone, 1966conv, CantedValve, Teebone, and GeneJ had a great time shooting the bull and sipping a bud light or two. Thanks for the brews guys. Then I got back to my room really late, much to my SWMBO's chagrin.

Next day we met again, and I begged GT-350Clone for another ride in his nice ride! Robbie shared his scrapbook on his Boss 302 restoration. That guy has guts.....and a very beautiful car. I somehow couldn't hook up with Allen for a ride in his 66 vert, but THAT was a great car also. Too many nice stangs to admire. The burn out was excellent also. After lunch we took a group pic and watched the guys leave tread sovenoirs in front of R5I. That was great. The senior citizens and Mr. Moms were leaving the cinema as the responsibly, closely supervised burnouts were taking place. They were really drooling over the smoke the vintage muscle stangs were leaving. Too cool.../forums/images/icons/cool.gif

I'm getting pics developed and will post them on clubphoto when they come back. I took a whole roll of pics and they will come back as jpeg files. I'll put a link together for everyone to look at.

What a great way to meet the people in person we see here on the forum. By far this is the greatest! Thanks everyone.
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I want you to know I am wearing the hat you gave me and for the short time I was at the corn feed I had a blast. I almost felt like I was a teenager again watching the burnouts. Everyone was great to talk to and I will definitely return next year with my convertible...

I just wanted to add that everyone there is an absolutely swell bunch! CantedValve who is trying to persuade me to change my braking philosophy, Robbie and GT350CLONE with their nice rides, TFOB and his lovely wife, both rather quiet types with a car that will burn rubber clear to Omaha!! Mr and Mrs Teebone. Vince, say hi to Marilynn OK? Got to meet Jawstang, no you dont look like your sig pic, hehe. Jthompson and Oddjobbb both had really excellent black stangs. And of course, Richelieu the El Presidente, I got to know at the Italian bar. 66Conv with the beautiful 66 vert, sorry we hogged your room all night using it for a makeshift VMF chat center. TSchmidt and I compared weather notes from the west. Midlife is now a rusty geezer and will be for some time now, hehe. Forum Bob, the bartender. Others such as Ray Hildebrand (you), GeneJ, Zim64half, 65Topless, Ndi2, Hard65, and a couple of others I may have missed. What a great bunch of people. I feel really fortunate to have met you all. Our common thread is a bunch of old mustangs, but the neat people here on the forum is really what makes this such a fun hobby.
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Hey, what happened with the Buddha Contest at CF2? Who won? Inquiring minds want to know and to see a photo! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
It was great to meet you and the others at CF2 also. I was glad to see more representation from the Western USA this year. At CF1, I was the only one from west of Kansas! This time we had over 13 states represented, including Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming from the western states.

Well with all of the excitement we kind of forgot about it. I would have won anyway.

But it looked like I sure would have had competition! Take a look at the group photos and take a pick!!!

Hey Toots!! Glad you could make it! And thanks for letting me be designated driver and drive you and Midlife back to the hotel!
You just wanted to drive the fancy Cheby Suburban!! hehe. We sure hated to turn that rig back to the rental company. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif Even being a Cheby, that was a NICE way to travel. And the rent only represented one car payment.... hehe. Thanks for being the DD also. After Midlife kept the cops hanging around the bar, I'm not sure I wanted to drive sober. Man did we all scatter as soon as the cop left! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif Nice to meet you GeneJ and your wonderful wife. Look forward to BSing with you here on the forum!
Wow, 13 States!! I imagine next year will be bigger yet as all the fun loving VMF'rs here will want to get in on the next one. Bob, you better have the caterer fire up a second grill next year. That is if he gets the first one going. I really felt sorry for those guys trying to get that big grill running in the heat, then rolling the walley world special over by hand. They cooked up some really good food though. The caterers did a great job IMO, despite the heat and malfunctioning equipment.
was great meeting you..we had a wonderful time..I am always amazed at how well we all get's like a reunion for old friends...this forum has really created an extended the are a TOOT!.....*LOL*..
Dan -

Great to meet you! I had a blast, and it sounds like you did also! Quite a one week whirlwind tour you had there!

Look forward to seeing your pictures. Welcome back "home"! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Dan I'm glad you and your family made it home safe!! I was sure relieved to see the type of fertilizer spredding you do as the the rumors were rampid with Midlife telling the tails,,I loved looking at your pics of the mustang trailer(cool idea)it is fun to watch the torture(fun) that others go thru to have a cool stang,,I wish you the best,,And hope to see you and the latest pics next year
That's not me scratching my nose, but rather I'm pushing up the glasses on my nose. Now I know y'all think I'm really picking it, but seriously! I'm not!

Get rid of that damn picture! Sheesh!
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