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I'd always classify my car as running OK or good. Sounds good, fairly reliable, but I've known it's ran pretty rich from Day 1. I put a Pertronix in the original distributer but never done anything else other than set the timing. I decided this year to squeeze as much power out of this little 289 as I can on a budget. I picked up a Mr Gasket 925d spring kit ($7.00!), the correct Edelbrock tuning kit for my carb (#1405) and splurged for a digital AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge.

925d Springs - Directions claim "all in" advance around 2500 rpmsFairly easy to disassemble the distributer and replace the springs. I took pics of each step to make sure it went back together the same way. Noticeable improvement in acceleration especially from off-idle before even playing the carb. Great almost free power for $7.00!!!

AEM wideband - Hardest part is drilling a 1 inch hole in your exhaust. My step bit only went to 3/4'', but it took just a bit of time with a grinder to ream out the hole. Welded up the bung and the gauge was an easy install (sensor wire, ignition +, and ground).

Carb tuning kit - All the rods and jets your could seemingly ever need to dial in my 600cfm carb.

Off idle acceleration was into the 12's on the gauge, and WOT was hitting the 11's! RICH BABY RICH. Went down a rod and a jet and I'm happily in the 13-14 range all day long. Acceleration is definitely improved, I know I'm much more fuel efficient, and FAR FAR less exhaust smell.

All definitely worth the investment. Porting the stock heads here soon in search of even more cheap horsepower. Try it, you'll like it!
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