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WOW, what I find!

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I was digging through my paperwork trying to locate a reciept from graphic express for their webpage URL (see next post) and I found the original purchase receipt from 1970 for my mustang. It is the dealer's sales receipt, yellow carbon copy. Wow, it was with the original owners manual. The car was sold for $2,875. It was dark ivy exterior with decor group interior, trackloc rear end, ps and cruis-a-matic trans. Pretty plain jane (the car, not the buyer, her name was "Carol", plain or otherwise).
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hhmm, I hope you have a lot of time on your hands. The dark ivy green exterior is now meadow green metallic - the 99 cadillac color - with metallic gold custom striping to outline the raised section of the new mach one hood, plus the 70grabber side "c" stripes, added. The other exterior modifications are hood twist locks, fibreglass integral front valance/spoiler, rear spoiler, rear window louvers, 1999 35th anniversary mustang badges. The spoilers, window louvers, rear taillight panel are painted gold.

The 14-inch steel wheels with pontiac firebird wire spoke wheel covers are now 15x7 torque thrust D wheels, with the center 5 spokes painted metallic gold. The centercaps are american racing, with custom running pony centers. Tires are BF Goodrich comp T/As, P235 in front and P245 in rear.

The interior is 1968 parchment color, in 70 deluxe pattern. This is the only 1970 parchment interior mustang in the country. TMI did it custom for me. deluxe interior with ivy gold comfortweave seat inserts. The rear seatback panels are upholtered. The door panels are now deluxe with ginger speaker grilles, all of the interior rear panels are upholtered, including the trap door. I added a fold down rear seat. The seatbelts are re-webbed in parchment with delux buckles. The front windshield is replaced with a tinted windshield and all window glass is tinted. The center console has the deluxe pad on it, in parchment. The guages are now deluxe gauges with a 140 mph speedo and 8,000 tach. The passenger panel is now the deluxe panel with a round clock and map light. All woodgraining has been redone with real wood - burled walnut, finished in tung oil - hand rubbed about 8 coats. The entire interior of the car was lined with dynomat extreme for soundproofing, plus the normal factory style insulation. The front seats have new foam. has new headliner, ginger carpet, has mustang pony floormats.

As for the mechanicals, the suspension is new. 1 1/8th inch front sway bar, rear sway bar is compt. suspension style that connects to sway bar plates mounted under the shock plates. The rear has staggered shockes, with the upper shock mount customer fabricated to weld between the rear frame rails (stiffen the unibody). There are tractionmaster traction bars, plus total control subframe connectors. New 4leaf springs in rear, eibach progressive rate springs in front, KYB shocks, New upper/lower control arms, with the 1-inch shelby drop and pro motorsports camber correction "wedge" kit. New idler arm, power steering pump, control valve, cylinder, tie rod ends. Total Control strut rods. All PST polygraphite bushings throughout. Steering is a new Flaming River steering gearbox. Steering column is replaced with factory tilt-wheel steering column with deluxe rimblow wheel/working horn switch. All new ball joints. Has export brace with firewall brace reinforcement.

Engine is .030 stock bottom end, with Edelbrock rpm performer total power package (heads, cam, intake, timing chain), topped with speed demon 650 carb. Have hedman long tube headers with 2.5 inch system, dual 3-chamber flowmasters and flat oval chrome exhaust tips. Have an Edelbrock hi-flow alumn. water pump with spal electric fan and griffin alumn hi-capacity radiator with alumn. overflow tank. MSD billet distributor with Jacobs prostreet ignition computer,coil an dplug wires. Have 110 gph carter hi-flo mechical fuel pump and fed. mogul hi-flow oil pump, motorsport 9 qt oil pan. Rockers are Crane Gold roller tip rockers, using hardened pushrods. Motorsport tall valve covers. 110 amp chrome alternator, march underdrive pulleys, ROMAC SFI balancer., all of the accesory mounting brackets have been chromed, including a/c idler pulleys.

The drivetrain is 1993 bellhousing and new worldclass T5 trans with hurst shifter and hurst "T" handle on shifter. Have centerforce billet flywheel, dual friction clutch/pressure plate. Have D&B engineering cable clutch linkage. New driveshaft wtih 1330 spicer u-joints. Have 9-inch rear with moser 31 spline axles, 3.89:1 ring& pinion, new equal loc posi rear.

Brakes converted from 4-wheel manual drum to 4-wheel power disk - Ford in front, SSB in rear. All brake and fuel lines are stainless steel. Have braided stainless AN lines in engine compartment for fuel. K&N extreme air filter inside 1968 through the hood ram air air cleaner housing, K&N billet fuel filter. New gas tank.

Oh yes, AMK body hardware kit, interior master hardware kit. All new gaskets around doors, windows, all new chrome trim, bumpers. Have R134a sandeen compressor classic air a/c, replaced lower dash with a/c lower dash, have new a/c dashpad. All of the electrical is new, except for the wires from the front to the trunk. Have custom sequenced rear taillights/turn indicators.

New sheetmetal includes front floor/toe pans, RR quarter, out wheelhousing, all trunk pieces, rr outerwheelhousing, replaced the front fenders - reworked with lead. New NOS door hinges, new latches.

I think that covers it. I have a powerpoint presentation on this with photos. Send me your email address if you want it and I will email it to you.

The car is being sold later this summer - best offer over 25,000. Using a mustang brand chassis dynometer, I have a documented 253 rear wheel hp and 274 ftlbs of torque. The hp was still building when the test shut down at 6,000 rpm. peak torque is at 4100 rpm.

Oh yes, the battery is in the trunk, gel cell type, with quick release cables. separately wired terminal for stereo (stolen out of the car grrr)so you can disconnect the main electricity and still keep the clock going and your stereo settings. There is an autolite redtop battery "shell" in the engine compartment, which covers over the Jacobs ignition computer and coil. I have hidden gas shutoff, hidden battery disconnect, plus a hidden ignition kill switch, and a hidden swtich to set the rev limiter down to whatever you want (idle speed, basically).

I think there are about 12 original bolts and the unibody, horns. Everything else is upgraded, replaced, repaired. Took 5 years, did it myself, basically.
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That's very cool, Ken. Most of my cars, I couldn't even find original bolts, let alone original sales documents *LOL*.

Where the hell have you been? Haven't seen you on the forum, haven't seen you at any SAMC meetings, haven't seen you at any events ... haven't even heard your voice on the phone for a while. You need to come check out my new place and the '69 sporstroof (now fully under restoration).
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