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after receiving several phone calls regarding my car from all over the nation and questioning how they found out about the car, everyone answered vintage-mustang. if anybody has questions or wants pics email me at [email protected] the car was hit several years ago in the left front and shoved the frame rail back about 4 or 5 inches. at one time it wasn't worth repairing, but now it is. i do auto restoration and my recommendation would be to cut car thru the windshield posts and floor and graft another front end on it. this car came from northern california and has been sitting for about 10 yrs. it comes with both doors which do open and close, right front fender, deck lid, rear bumper and back glass which is tinted. this car does not have any rust in the floors, but some one did at one time put a small patch in the lower left quarter behind wheelwell. there is no interior but it does still have the under dash wiring harness. this is an early 67 with the long shaft steering column. there is no suspension or steering. door tag matches the fender. car was a 289/at. there is no title. ::
1 - 4 of 4 Posts