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Wrecked stang

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Tonight Mike and I went to a local burger joint to attend a cruise-in. Over 100 cars and trucks of all kinds. About a dozen stangs.
One of the stangs was a red 67 FB belonging to a young acquaintance. Mike and I talked to the guy for a few minutes, discussed our recent Colorado trip and our upcoming show which he said he was planning to bring his car.
He and his friend went on and were looking at cars and talking to other people.
A while later we overheard someone talking about a crash up the street from the burger joint involving a blue Mustang. We thought that was sad, but didn't think much more about it.
A little later someone who just arrived at the cruise and passed by the crash said it was a red 67 FB!
I about vomitted! My stomach is still sick. Mike walked up to the intersection where it happened. By then the ambulance had already taken away the young driver.
The beautiful car is a loss. Front driver side completely smashed to the window.
I heard the young man was being x-rayed, shaken but not seriously injured. Thankfully!

Some of the other cruise in participants said he raced out of the parking lot pretty quickly. He was hit by or he ran into an Explorer which didn't look too badly affected.

It's scarey how fast these things can happen.
Be careful out there people!

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dammit.. another fastback that i will never have the opportunity to own...

but! there might be another cobra intake and gt40p heads for one of us to obtain!

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When driving my stang, sometimes I feel isolated from the rest of the world and I don't think about safety so much. I just concentrate on enjoying the drive. Luckily it doesn't sound like this person was hurt too bad and we don't know the specifics of the accident (fault etc.). Even a little hurt sometimes is too much.
Let's be careful out there, most times the vintage car drivers are. We always seem to have to look out for the daily fools.

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You V8 owners are nothing but menaces to society....

Glad to hear that your acquaintance wasn't badly injured.. Perhaps a Civic will be better suited to his driving style.

Sorry to hear about this! Glade the driver will be OK. I love the fastbacks and hate to see them get wrecked.

"V-8 menaces to society...." Yeah Baby!
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