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1968 390GT Air Breather Assembly
The unit has
1. a almost flawless base unit
2. the base has the correct detailed vacuum control unit although I am not sure it works
3. I may have a spare vacuum unit I can include - I need to look
4. The top is correct and re-chromed with correct sticker
5. Nice almost flawless snorkel
6. No S tube or brace
7. I have a correct new hose from the front to the oil breather/filler cap
8. The oil breather/filler cap is included

I have it for sale on Ebay for $680 plus shipping but I will sell it here on VMF for $580. If interested I can send photos if you ask but here is a link to the Ebay listing #260643972206 so you can see the photos. This is a hard to find assembly especially in this condition and it will really make your engine compartment complete and correct.

Ebay Listing #260643972206

408-531-7541 - If you call please leave a message and I will call back.
[email protected]
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