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I know Bob. I have only bought parts from him, never a car. He is a good friend of a friend of mine. He does great work, and, knows what he is talking about.
I feel that he is a very trustworthy person.....
When I needed a NOS hood for my car, I looked everywhere, and couldn't find one. He let me have one that he had been saving for himself. He had to go to his house and get it. It had a shipping date on the package of 1987....He didn't do it for the money. He knew how long I had been needing one, so he did me a real favor...
Hope this helps.

I was very interested in a car he had for sale early this year. I only had phone conversations with him, but felt he was both knowledgeable and truthful in describing the car, and informing me of both the positive and negative aspects of the car. Most of all, he explained up front that another buyer was in front of me, and that he wouldn't sell it before the first guy made a decision (he eventually purchased it). I appreciated that at the time, because I had just been "burned" in a similar manner regarding another car that I really wanted, by an unscrupulous seller. Good luck!
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