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Yea,.. that's me in Mustang Monthly...

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Yea,.. that's me in the May Mustang Monthly...

Earlier tonight I was was reading another post where Lauris S. correctly figured it out that editor Jeff Ford (I henceforth am renaming him "Jeff Chevy") goofed again and refers to me as "Charlie Turner" (No offense "Charles Turner").

The sad thing is,...several years ago when my 69' was in the same mag he called me "Charlie Turner" then too! (Maybe I should check my birth certificate again?).

The article is chock full of numerous to list. What a shame, as all an editor has is his credibilty.

Come on can do better.
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Congratulations on being in the mag. It's a shame about all the problems... makes you wonder when you read the paper how accurate things are too.

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Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Just for that I'm buying the mag!

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Nice article..your car is beautiful..too bad the facts are not accurate...from what I am reading in the Wall Street Journal..Emap/Peterson is shopping around Mustang Monthly; as well as several other titles..they are looking to dump. It seems they way overpaid for these mags in the beginning, and can't make enough money on I'm afraid Jeff Ford might have other things on his mind right now

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I've been called that too!
"If you're under control you're not going fast enough"
Parnelli Jones
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Thanks Teebone,

In all seriousness, Jeff is a really nice guy. I suspect he not only edits has to proof the work too. This can easily lead to things being overlooked. I understand and It's not big deal, I only posted because I wanted set the record straight and let everyone know that Laurie is very observant and there is NO WAY she deserved the treatment recieved recently at the Pensacola show.
"If you're under control you're not going fast enough"
Parnelli Jones
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Thanks Roadracer, it's nice to know I wasn't seeing things in that article. I was sure it was you, but thought for sure that MM wouldn't make a mistake as obvious as that. Thanks also for the support regarding Pensacola. I am going to being writing a letter to Wes Alford and Bill Johnson after we review Chuck's sheet and compare it to mine. We're also pulling Murphy's engine and tranny starting this weekend and completely redoing the car. This will be the first time either has come out of the car.

I love it when a plan comes together!

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I have heard stories from other folks that the car mags often make up aftermarket parts that have been installed on featured cars.

They have advertisers to keep happy. Ever wonder why you don't see many articles on retrofitting junk yard parts to older cars?

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Nice article and car. Glad to see your driving your cars. Like the others, when I read it I thought of Charles Turner here in the VMF. Hey, at least you got you ride in the magazine. I had one car photographed for Mustang Times and another for Mustang Illlustrated, but neither have ever have shown up in the magazines and it's been several years. I'm sure the incorrect name was just an oversight and Jeff will make note of the error in the next issue.

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Also, in the current issue is the new MM website. Wonder how long it will be around. They obviously put lots of time and effort into it. I'm paid up for another year, but with all the info available on the web, print media may be going the way of the typewriter. I don't really care where or how I get my info, articles and features as long as it's consistant and accurate. Between VMF, FORDMUSCLE.COM and ebay, I consider my bases covered.

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They may not know your name, but I love your car!

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me!!!
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I have to go out and purchase the magazine now.
I wish I could find Mustang Monthly. I just can't find it anywhere up here. None of the grocery stores or WalMart carry it I guess. Maybe I'll try borders books or something.

By the way, very nice web site. Love the Boss 302 in particular. That has to have been featured, or is that the car in MM?

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The VMF should bid for MM. We could offer something outrageous like ten cents on the dollar. Next, we could ban advertisers, conduct product evaluations and write accurate techincal articles. One cost saving measure is transferring publication to the Net and charge on-line subscribers $15-20 per year for access. Articles could be updated quickly and archives cataloged efficiently and---OK so I got excited. It's an idea, huh?

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It's pretty funny how they messed up you name twice, using the same wrong name, hehehe. Mabe they'll get it right!!

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At least they were CONSISTENTLY wrong!!!

I can say that I suspected it was your car from the first photo. For some reason the rims made me remember it from Pensacola.

Nice article ! Keep the Shelby on the road, and perhaps even write MM about some of the fun stuff that happened to you on the way to Pensacola. Dickson

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Don't forget he has to find time to work on his Mach 1...

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