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i have been wrestling poor idle, rough running for several days... today some of my fellow vmf'rs suggested vacumn leaks - much to my dread because i had checked those that i could get to... my fear was as someone suggested - that it was a mis-aligned intake gasket...

luckily someone else suggested that the points may be the culprit... at first i thought - no way... surely it was fuel/air mixture related. it had all the symptoms.... but i said before i yank the intake off i better check the points... THAT WAS IT!

i thought i had set them within tolerance - .025... it speaks for itself... hand me that dufas trophy... others are free to call it dumb$#$$ trophy - i deserve it....

couldn't of done it without ya!

now on to the brakes, horn, front end, etc.....



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glad to hear you figured it out. I hate points!!!! Just today i recived the pertronix ignitor i orderd.... I'll be throwin' my points out tomorrow..........Hopfully!!!!!!

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Great to hear it was a simple thing. Sometimes we overlook the simple solutions and go right to the more complex.

Greg B

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hi doug2stanger here
i used to have a terrible time with the points
on my 68 289. They would not stay in adjustment.
It turned out that the hole on the vacuum advance
plate was egg shaped,worn out. so i went to the
pertinix thing. have had no problem since

douglas rhine of nebraska
the man with the sad dog face
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