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Yet another update.. I think we're getting close!

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I removed the bottom dust cover and tried to see the center of the flywheel, but couldnt' see anything and did not see any metal shavings. I did, however, notice a small piece of twisted metal in the bottom of the bellhousing between the flywheel and bellhousing. Not sure where it came from, but it doesn't look like any of the little rectangular weight looking things are missing that I can tell. I got to looking, and two of the bolts that connect the tranny to the motor (not the top two, but the top ones on the sides) are backed out a little. In fact, the one on the passenger side was so loose I could turn it with my finger! As some of you may recall, I had the car coverted from a 4 speed to a C-4 in late November of last year. The gentleman that owns the shop that performed the work assured me that if I had any problems he'd "take care of me". I will give him a call tomorrow and explain what is going on. If he is willing to do the work under warranty, I'll have to have the car towed about sixty miles. Hopefully the tow bill will be the only cost I'm looking at. Hopefully. I'll post again tomorrow after I've talked to the shop and let you guys know how it went. I paid top dollar for a rebuilt C-4 and the miscellaneous parts, many of which had to be bought new (nearly $2000 total including labor) so I'd like to think he'll help me out here. Thanks for the help :)

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Good luck, and let me know if that top-loader gets in the way in the garage. I could probably find it a home.... ;-)

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