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Ok.. Hi Guys..

I did not mean to hijack someone elses thread, so at the request of a senior member, I started my own.

My love affair with the Mustang started when I was 14 and had a paper route. There was a farmer's field at the end of the route. In the field were two mustangs. The farmer told me he wanted $50 for the green one and $100 for the black one because it was a whole car. My dad said NO WAY!

One was a complete 70 flat black coupe with a 302. The second was a light green metalic 69 fastback missing the front clip. I still remember the long slender tail lights.. That's right.. it was a Shelby! GT500 to be exact... I could have had it for $50. It was gone within a year after that.

To this day remind my dad of that every chance I get.

Oh well.. My favorite is still the 69 fastback. I am glad I own one. My second favorite is the 67.. got that too. I keep telling my wife i will do a 65 fastback as well... She claims she will divorce me. ..we will see. That might be worth the risk!

My first stang was a 69 coupe with a straight 6. I had seen it sitting on the side of a street in downtown Pittsburgh, PA on my way to university, two years before I purchased it. It needed a paint job but it was nice. It was on my way to class, so I left the mystery owner a note to call me if he ever decides to sell.

Two years later, in 1995, on a Wednesday I answered a phone call from a guy who turned-out to be my old philosophy professor. He mentioned my note. I never told anyone about my note, so I knew it was not a joke.. He was leaving town at the end of the week, on Saturday and he needed to sell it right away. I looked at it on Friday July 4, asked him how much he wanted for it and he said.. $300.. I told him, in a one day notice, all I had was $150, so he said ok. I towed it home, put a battery in it and it fired right-up! It sat at my ex-girlfriend's parents house for 2.5 more years, until I was single again.

It took me about 6 months to get it on the road legally. Three months later, it was a parts car for the one I am building now. Some idiot parked on the highway at night, on a left-hand bend, in the right turning lane, right in front of a parking lot. I never saw the minivan's lights with all the lights from the parked cars, until I was about 4 car lengths away... Did I mention, old mustangs are good for straight runs, not curves.... Needless to say, I missed him, but hit the curb, flipped up onto my side and slid backwards down the highway about 80-100 feet before hitting the other curb on the other side of the highway and slamming back onto my wheels.

Walked away without a scratch, but totaled a rust free California car. (that is right, I paid $150 in 1995 for a rust free California car - complete car) ... The guy I narrowly missed that had been sitting in the highway.. I saw him pulling away as I was getting out of my car. Six cop cars and an ambulance showed-up. I had to sign a release stating I was OK. I was planning on having two mustangs at that time, a coupe and a fastback. Instead, that coupe became my first parts car for the fastback.

Finally though, here is my 69 fastback rebuild story:

I purchased it back in 1997 from a NOW friend of mine, but then a guy I had just met. He had towed the car home from Arizona and was under the impression it was a solid car. When I got it, it was a shell, in primer and that is it. I paid $1,200 for the shell and an extra $100 for wheels and a rear 8" axle. Did not have a single other part on it... not even a plastic wire harness clip. I put it into storage that fall as i was headed back to college at 28. Forward 8 2005; I am 35 yo, married, finally out of civil engineering school and working and I have just had my second kid.

I pulled my stang from storage and took it to a shop to start having work done...This long story is what happened since:

This link will take you to the entire story of how I became a mustang fan all the way to now.

[]1969 fastback Mustang Restoration | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This is my 1969 Mustang now.

[]1969 MUSTANG RESTORATION PROGRESS 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It will be in a BLACK base with a very light coat of a BLUE pearl overlay with a top coat of clear paint in approx 1 month.

I added the sample pics of the paint color below (without flash) & (with flash on).

After I brought it home in 2004, I started collecting parts. After ~4 years I took it to a shop. I work and have 2 small kis and a single car garage, with their bedroom right above it. I would love to, but can not do the work at my home, so i must pay to have 90% of it done.

It was originally a in-line 6 car with no bells and whistles, so I am free to do whatever I please. The only used parts not originally pulled from a 69 mustang are the power steering center link and the door window mechanics. They are from a 1970.

This is my list of new parts: (All the new sheet metal is Dynacorn) floor -
..(2) new rear quarters (full)- tail light pan -
..(2) new outer rear wheel wells - front vallence - rear vallence - trunk lid - hood -
..1 new drivers fender and one old stock passenger front fender -
..(2) new door shells -
..(2) new 70' bolt on door glass -
..all new rubber: everything that can be purchased from all the weatherstripping to plugs.. -
..stainless steel gas line and brake lines -
..1 inch front sway bar -
..interior kit including original tooling dash (w/ AC), head liner and all new seat material including padding -
..rear window louvers - original tooling, aftermarket, but not that aftermarket looking crap - 4bl 650 dbl pumper holley carb (special 1968 shelby issue) ( I did away with the original 4bl autolite) - front lower spoiler

For the rest of the car, I have collected the following original parts:

..VERY RARE 120 mph, 8000rpm tachometer dash cluster w/ trip meter - offered as an option on ONLY the BIG BLOCK Mustangs

Rare 1969 Mustang Tachometer Instrument Cluster Restoration 001 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

..9inch rear end with new posi traction gearing -

My 1969 Fastback Mustang 9" Rear End | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

..'69 351 Windsor - pulled from a Grande

[]1969 fastback Mustang restoration 351 windsor | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

..4-speed top loader trans -

[]4-speed manual top loader trans | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

..The shifter handle has been re-chromed and this is the knob:

[]My 1969 4-speed Top-Loader Shifter Knob | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

..power disc brakes -
..Air Conditioning -
..power steering -
..rear spoiler wing -
..hood scoop w/ turn signals (non shaker) -

[]My 1969 Mustang Hood Scoop w/ Turn Signals | Flickr - Photo Sharing! mirrors –
..deluxe rim blow steering wheel & working horns -
..deluxe interior center consol and passenger side clock

This following pic is exact in almost every detail of my interior, except that my car has AC and therefore there are vents in my dash:

[]Boss 429 1969 Ford Mustang Interior | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My interior is all purchased, seats are recovered and all of it is sitting in my basement waiting to put in the car.

I still need tires, rims and new windsheild (Below are the rims I like right now - but I have seen a nice set of traditional all chrome Cragar rims I like too)

[]rims | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I know I am forgetting some stuff??

It is due to be in final paint within the month. This is what I want it to look like when I am done:

[]How My 69 will look when done | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This page will take you to all my photos of my restoration of this car:

My 1969 mustang restoration - a set on Flickr

I pay for my current build by selling HO trains on eBay believe it or not. ( I pay my taxes on the train selling too! ). My wife does not allow a single dime to come from the family budget. It has worked out well though. I purchased a total of 8 Mustang parts cars to finish this project and all were paid for by the trains you see in my flickr profile.

I started selling HO trains 7 years ago with a 2'x2'x2' box of junk I had been carrying around since I was 14. I started buying small lots and selling the junk off from there and it has been snow balling ever since. Still a hobby though as I do work full time. I have been restoring of my Mustang for ~5 years now come this May. To date I have put $52K into my '69 fastback alone so far and I expect another ~$3K before I am done..

If this is not crazy enough.. I have a '67 fb Mustang waiting to be restored.

My 1967 Fastback Mustang - Pre-restoration - a set on Flickr


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Interesting history! Maybe your wife will come around when she sees the '69 finished. My girlfriend appreciates old cars and likes that I work on them. I think I will marry her in 10 or 15 years. I'm 24 and I'm in no rush for that kind of commitment. ;)

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Wives & Mustang projects..

Interesting history! Maybe your wife will come around when she sees the '69 finished. My girlfriend appreciates old cars and likes that I work on them. I think I will marry her in 10 or 15 years. I'm 24 and I'm in no rush for that kind of commitment. ;)
I do doubt she will come around to liking the Mustang very much. She is happy for me in that I am finnaly getting close to having it finished, but she constantly reminds me that it has come at a cost...time. At times, she is almost resentful of it. She was mad at me when I decided to make my 69 a manual trans. She does not know how to drive a manual trans and thinks I did it to keep her from being able to drive it. I promised her the '67 will be hers and an automatic. She could really care less about cars though.

As for time...if I were to try to work on it myself, I would have to do it during the hours when my kids are awake. That is definately not what i want to do. This is why I sell the trains to pay for it, rather than try to fix it myself. I can do my listing after they go to bed and I do my packing Saturday mornings before they get up. I wish I had the chance and money to do this when I was 25, instead of starting it when I was 35. It would have been easier. Guess that is life though.

I can say...If your girlfriend is willing to stick around for 10-15 years without some sort of have got a rare one for sure! Good luck!

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Thanks for sharing the story and pictures. Good luck with SWMBO and the projects.

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did anything happen to the other guy who parked on the side of the road or did he come back or somthing.

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My 69 Mustang

did anything happen to the other guy who parked on the side of the road or did he come back or somthing.
He took-off as soon as I stepped out of my car. I looked down the road and saw him parked in the parking lot about 500 feet away. As soon as I looked his way I saw his mini-van start to pull out onto the highway and drive away. I was shocked to say the least.

This was the car I wrecked:[email protected]/4409619370/in/set-72157623100867466

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Story to be continued..

Great story.
Thanks 70mach!

It is still not over. I have been getting ancious with the painter the past couple weeks. He promices me I would have my car by spring. It is now spring and it is still not in paint. I plan to do the final assembly myself. Once I get it back, I need to install the interior, finish the dash wiring, get it running, add all the externals, including lights, wipers, bumpers and glass...etc

I need the Spring and Summer to do that if I have a chance to get it on the road by this fall.

oh well..
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