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You guys with electrical problems

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I have seen a lot of posts lately about electrical wiring and such. I think it would be very wise idea for some of you guys to put a battery kill switch in your cars. My father has one in each of his classics-1914 and 26 Model "T"s, 35 Ford Tudor, 48 Merc "118", 63 Falcon convt, and a 65 T-bird. I have also allways put them into any thing that I have restored or put any money into.. It's a little insurance to preventing your car or garage from burning down..
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Interesting idea, but what's the purpose?? If the idea is to kill battery output power, it's best to do this at the battery. Do you (or your Dad) pop the hood each time you stop the car or just at night?


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Most of the time when the car is parked for any time. If its at a show or even at the shopping mall, it's also an anti-theft device too. Place it under the battery box or some wheres thats its not too noticable. We have never been docked any thing for having one on any of our cars at shows. No I was just thinking that with older cars, and previous owners that own side cutters and butt connectors, and even old fuses. anything can happen. Better to be safe than sorry.
It's an interesting idea and I've noticed certain race rules dictate an external battery cut out switch. I've seen locking units in Summit and Jegs catalogues. I imagine with the battery in the trunk and a relocated solenoid the amature thief would have to spend a little more time hot wiring the car. On cars that sit for a while though, I usually remove the battery. The dang battery trays seem to grow corrosion flowers if I don't.


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