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My kids were bugging me to go to the store to look for a video game they were after. Ok, Ok, in a minute..So we jump in the convertible and head up to the store. Lo and behold, in the parking lot of the Home Dopot, dang if it ain't an all breed car show. Bunch of hot rods. So I kinda pull through slowly, don't see much except Chevies and rods and few Mopars and stuff. Hey , wait a minute over in the corner, that looks like a 68 fastback, and danged if it ain't an unrestored 67 gt500dark green- hunter green I think it's called. Real nice owner said he's had it since 1984 or something like that. A little rough, but seemed legit. Said he had had tried to leave but the car quit on him qoing out.

I told him he'd be perfect for the forum-all he'd have to do is log on an people from all over would be troubleshooting for him. I jokingly asked him if people tried to buy it from him all the time and he said "no." We let me be the first, I said.

I guessed maybe stuck choke or dist, problems. Had the dual quad setup. Kids were nagging or I'd stuck around to talk more.

You just never know.

J. Boggs
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