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You might be a bad mechanic if...

You put a starter on and short the starter cable to ground.

You put 10w-30 in your transmission and wonder why it's smoking.

You try to stick you hand trough the radiator fan to grab a screwdriver you dropped while adjusting the carburetor.

You leave the dowel pins out of pressure plate.

You drop a bolt down the intake and just wait for it to come out the tail pipe

Well I haven't done all those things but yeah I'm a bad mechanic. Hey they just need to make better repair manuals. Sometimes you just have to laugh at your own stupidity.


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Other signs of being a bad mechanic:

... your wrench slips off the distributor and you scrape your knuckles and fingers in the fan blade.

... you check to see how hot your brakes got with your finger tip after a long drive on a hot day.

... you check to see how much fluid is in your radiator when the temp gauge is still pegged.

... you check fan belt tension while the motor is still running.
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