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Wow, you'll definitely spot my trailer in a crowd now! My friend just painted it for me and it looks great! It's an open, flatbed with a front shield. The trailer and shield are Sapphire Blue Metallic (same color as Trouble) and there are Hertz gold LeMans stripes on the front of the shield. The wheels are blue, and the hubs are gold, too. We have to add a few special decals when we get to Pensacola. It's really cool! I'll get some pictures with Murphy on the trailer and post them after the show. Thanks Chuck!!!

I love it when a plan comes together!

[color:red]1968 Coupe, "Murphy" - Original (car and owner)</font color=red>
[color:blue]1968 Fastback, "Trouble" - Restomod</font color=blue>
[color:white]1967-1968 MCA Certified Judge</font color=white>
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