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It pops up all the time here, calls for VMF support... click here, buy this, organize that. Well, I want to share with you all another (perhaps larger) way to support the good ol' VMF. For those who are new here or not aware the VMF is an extension of . I will avoid the history lesson but basically this entire "site" is owned/created by Bob and is hosted at a company of his named [color:red]Red 5 Interactive</font color=red>. In laymans terms R5I feeds this puppy while Bob takes it for a walk a few times a day.

So what does R5I do? Well the best way to get to know them is to visit their site . Why am I bringing this up? Simple, I am the Web Manager for a communications semiconductor company named TranSwitch Corporation (also known as TXCC). In my position it came time to seek an agency to design/develop/implement our new Web site. As part of the selection process I invited Bob to work up a proposal ... based on R5Is portfolio I knew they would be an excellent candidate aside from knowing digital Bob on the VMF.

Long story short, I have been working with (and will continue to work with) an excellent team of people at R5I since November or so of last year to finally roll out our new corporate Web site: just last month. The site has gotten a tremendous response both inside and outside the company and has met my never-ending list of requests and changes.

So perhaps you are not a Web Manager or on the Marketing or IT teams at your place of work but you know who they are. So why not approach them and suggest they look into R5I the next time they are ready to turn their site around? They will not be disappointed.

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Hi all,

Sorry, but I had to lock this at the top for a little bit for the following reasons:

1) I really appreciate the kinds words from Jay. Not that it has much to do with me, but I think Jay and our team here did a fantastic job on - I know our team is very proud of it.

2) Jay hit the nail on the head as far as VMF support, and I can't emphasize that enough. By supporting Red 5, you're supporting VMF in a much larger way.

So, 'nuff said - sorry for the blatant self-promotion :)

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