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Your Favorite Clutch and Pressure Plate?

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This is the last thing in need for the automatic to 4 speed swap on the '70 Mach 1.

The engine has a fairly stock bottom end. I have the complete Edelbrock Performer RPM package (cam, heads, intake and 750 carb) with Hooker Super Comp headers. The trans is a wide ratio toploader. I am running a trac-loc 3:50.

I hear McCleod makes a very nice, smooth operating diaphram with very solid clutches.
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I am running an 11" Centerforce Dual Friction assembly between my 351W and toploader. Never slipped, never grabby, always smooth, always hooks, never smelled burned clutch (only tire smoke), and very low pedal pressure.
I agree with Russ.... I've used and will continue to use the Dual Friction Centerforce clutch kits.... Although I understand the McLeod units are excellent also.
Another vote for Center Force Dual Friction. Was in the car when I bought it (I'm too cheap) and is the best operating clutch I've ever used in a Mustang.
Another satisfied centerforce customer. I've had the leg killers before and said never again on a street car. Be warned some high performance gurus do not like the sliding weight pressure plate concept. For pure performance most say Ram is the best.
I also use the centerforce clutch with the same comments about satisfaction as the others.
Nice car Mach70_Mcode_4sp! It looks familiar! what Edelbrock intake are you running?
Well, that is 5 out of 5 for the Centerforce! It seems to be unanimous.

Any others wanna weigh in?
I gotta go with the centerforce, I put one in my wifes Capri, and it hooks up good, never any smoke or slipping. I am saving to get one in my 67.
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