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Your Worst Car Show Nightmare (pic)

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Ok I wanted to highlight this picture from the MU show today. I was sitting with a group of other car owners and we watched this guy in the bright blue shirt 'walking' down the rows of cars. Now I'm not gonna comment on what he must have weighed but what he was doing was alarming. One of the guys I was sitting with watched in horror as the guy appeared to run of breath and stumble right into the open hood of his Boss 302, the big guy proceeded to basically lean on the radiator support with all his weight while he caught his breath. Then I watched him do the same thing to atleast 3 other cars. I managed to get my camera out for the final one before he was spoken too.

Can you imagine? I don't mean to knock the guy for his weight but his behavior!!!

Those stupid stuffed kids on the bumpers are really giving people the wrong idea. Please stop putting these things out, you all could have stopped with the fake drive in speakers and trays with the plastic burgers and fries /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif.
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That certainly is not cool. Do you happen to have any more pics with the camera panned slightly to the left? /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Yes, Pan it to the left !!!!
Poor Mustangs!!! /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
You should report this guy to the American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals...!
/forums/images/icons/wink.gif /forums/images/icons/wink.gif /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
"Walking down the row of cars". You scared me for a moment. I was waiting for the picture to download on my dial up (time consuming). I was imagining a drunken guy walking down a row of cars from one hood to the next hood to the next denting them as he went along!!!
There is a choice between a fat guy and a honey . And you chose to take a pic of the fat guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long have you been married ? LOL
I agree you should have had the camera a little to the left. What ratio do you think that rear end has?
Interesting. You know those radiator support edges are not terribly strong. Neither is a grille. Yes, you could have panned left a little more, hehe.
LOL..he just looks like an oversized version of those dolls everyone has leaning up against the front of their cars.
But I agree, that wouldn't make me very happy either
I did not catch the left side of the picture better, I was basically running across the show field from one end to the other to get the camera and then capture him falling in a hood. But if I was out to capture 'those types' of pics I could have done a lot better today /forums/images/icons/smile.gif it was about 90 degrees in the sun.
I've got a buddy that's like that. He's 330 lbs, 6 feet. Everytime I seem him he has to lean on my car. Some people just like to lean on cars. Maybe because his legs hurt all the time?
I attended a local cruise this weekend with the Fastback and upon returning to my car after getting some refreshments, we found some fellow on one of those handicap scooters had squeezed between my car and the Mach-I parked beside. The owner of the Mach-I told me that the guy had approached him about something and before the Mach-I owner could stand up and go to the guy, he just zipped down the narrow opening between the cars. As I approached, the fellow said something about being sorry for rubbing the side of my car with his scooter as he knew how particular we classsic car owners were. After I recovered my senses, I examined the car and found nothing that a little wax won't cure. A little later, a family came by with numerous little girls who were very curious about the Fastback's interior, so they rubbed up against the doors so they could lean in for a closer look. That's when I noticed that their clothing had metal ornaments all over them. Again, I escaped with no permanent damage. I think some people are not aware of the work and money that goes into these cars and how fragile they can be. I suppose these things happen when we take our cars into the public arena.
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Hey I saw that guy also..maybe he was just trying to eat the cars..I better check my Rad and make sure it doesn't have a bite taken out
"Hey I saw that guy also..maybe he was just trying to eat the cars..I better check my Rad and make sure it doesn't have a bite taken out"
LMAO!!!! You guys are cracking me up. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif Next time you go to a show, you have to make sure you get to take some "non-car oriented pics" on the side too. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif I was just about to reply to you last post saying that I loved pic 37. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
what's the deal with all the dolls leaning on the bumpers? why would someone do that crap.... maybe the big guy thought the air cleaner lids were cookies or a jelly doughnut...
Maybe we could shoot those weeping kids out of a cannon at our next event?

Or maybe close a hood on one??? That would give him something to cry about!
We've had similar problems with people who bring tons of trophies to car shows. No one wants to see them, and they really get in the way of judging on occasion. We have instituted point deductions for them to discourage such blatant showmanship...

You couldn't have moved your camera two inches to the right? That would have made for a perfect picture from what I can see!

I suspect he's really a skinny guy in a fat suit....His scam is that he "leans" on these cars, appearing to catch his breath....all the while (while we're busy bitching about this travesty) he's pocketing NOS radiator caps, etc in his fat suit.....

Hell, I think that guy might be able to slip a 289 in there if he's quick with a wrench..../forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Yeah, two things: For aesthetics, the camera could have been aimed a few clicks to the left when the pic was snapped. Second, this obese piece of lard had NO business putting his weight on other people's property.
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