Z’s 1967-‘70 street-competition engine crossmember

Low profile crossmember. Will provide approximately an additional inch of oil pan clearance vs. stock crossmember with minimal reduction in ground clearance.

100% USA steel and USA manufactured.

$289.95 base model

$309.95 With integral jackpad

+$30 flat rate shipping to most states.

The basic design was pioneered by Ford in 1969 for the Boss 302 Racing program as a low cost fix for flexing at the LCA. It improves on the '65 thru ‘70 stock engine crossmember by tying into the lower control arm mounting points, resulting in improved rigidity for the unibody lower front frame section. Helps to stiffen the car right at the control arms where it's needed most.

Complimentary for cars that already have an export brace and Monte Carlo Bar. Every '65-'70 Mustang will benefit from this racing inspired front engine crossmember. Guaranteed to improve steering stability at all speeds.

sold over 800 to Mustang forum members worldwide, excellent reviews. 100% satisfaction.

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Priced less than other Boss 302 type crossmembers sold, as well as beefier and better fitting. Unlike most, my crossmembers will fit engines that have been lowered 1/2" with the Ron Morris engine mounts.

Will fit most aftermarket oil pans too, such as the vintage Cobra lettered T pan, Avaid road racing pans, Moroso pans, and most Canton oil pan applications.

larger diameter tubing than many other aftermarket crossmembers, optional model has a round 3.0" diameter jackpad made of 0.25" thick steel tread plate that will fit your floor jack perfectly.