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well guys, i found my problem...the z-bar was not mangled like i had believed, that was the good news. instead, it had come off of it's pivots on both sides, so in effect, i had no clutch...believe me, that was a hard drive home!!! So, I placed the bar back onto it's pivots AND installed all the necessary washers and spacers. I expect no more problems out of this, and thanks to all who replied to my earlier post.

College Station, TX

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I can also give you a good hint on that z-bar. Pull it back
out and drill and tap the center of it for a zerk fitting !.
Pre-mark the z-bar before you pull it out for the location of
the fitting. Put it in a place where you can get you grease
gun to it easily.

When you put it back in, make sure you install new bushings
and felt washers. Adjust the frame mount so that there is only
a little bit of side to side play in the bar itself. Then get out your
grease gun and fill'er up !

Joe P.
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